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ITEM NOW SOLD. LOOK AT THIS! So rare to find a diamond of this size – this really does make a statement! A lovely diamond set in a simple 8 claw 18ct setting. Measuring 9.5mm x 5.5mm depth, the stone is calculated to weigh 3.20ct. Large solitaires like this do not come up for sale very often especially with this colour, very white for an old cut natural diamond of this size. This is a natural stone of huge proportions, it is absolutly clear, no feather like inclusions or cloudiness. It is what I call hand to eye clean.(This means once worn, it is eyeclean. If you look very closely then small marks can be seen with the naked eye.) I am just being as honest as possible and should a stone of this weight be flawless to the eye, then expect a price tag well in the region of £20,000++ Size L1/2, resizable. This diamond is very lively and really sparkles! These old cut stones are becoming so sought after and it is very difficult to find white ones!! SOLD.